The Monkey Haus - How it's going..

First off, thank you to everyone who signed up for our email list and for everyone who ordered and supported us on social media.  I am forever grateful.

After I had soft launched The Monkey Haus on socials, I was approached by a family friend to be interviewed for an article for my local paper in Bermuda.

The article came out and the response was amazing, overwhelming and, due to the influx of orders, a little stressful - like when one of my main suppliers refused to ship product to Bermuda.  Or when another supplier miraculously ran out of some of the more basic shirt colours.

Finding new suppliers, and thus having to redesign many items, made for a spicy few days.  I would not have been able to make it through without my amazing partner, who with unwavering calm, swooped in and solved all major issues. With the new suppliers I am still able to offer free worldwide shipping with complete tracking information as well as offer more quality products!  Currently the shipping can take a little longer to get to an address on the islands as it is standard delivery so I really appreciate those customers who have been so patient waiting for their Sargasso Sea products.

I have listened to many of your suggestions and I am currently working on more illustrations for future collections that will cover earth, sea and sky.

As we grow we hope to offer more shipping options and of course more products and more designs.

All I ask of you is that the next time you are in or around nature, take a moment and appreciate it.  Look out for the newly migrated birds that show up, or when the insects start showing up on the regular.  Notice the way each species of fish moves differently. 

We live in a miraculous natural world and I hope we all do what we can so make sure it is protected.


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