Life in the Sargasso Sea

My childhood years was spent on the small island of Bermuda, the most northern point of the famed Bermuda Triangle.  The island has been called many things, The Devils Isles (due to old sailor stories of storms in the area), Paradise (by every visitor), but locally it is either known as Bermy or The Rock.

Bermuda was created by a eruption from a now dormant volcano, and is the only land mass within the Sargasso Sea.  The Sargasso Sea is the only sea that is not bordered by land, but instead it is bordered by sea currents.  All of this makes my home a real anomaly, no wonder Shakespeare was so inspired enough to write about it in The Tempest.

Bermuda has one of the oldest written conservation laws in the world, which protects the Green Turtle.  We have strict fishing laws, from the size of Hog Fish that can be caught, to a short Lobster season and a complete ban of fishing of the beautiful Parrot Fish. 

While at school I learned so much about my environment and the how to protect the creatures who call it home - we even had school weekend outings where we would pile in a truck with trash bags to collect litter along the beaches, shoreline and green spaces.

My love and appreciation for marine life was born from my home country.  In my many years there I have taken thousands of photographs of turtles, fish, crabs, rays, squid and corals.  Every person in my life has begged me to do something with these photos.

Now I have. 

I went though all my images, carefully selecting the most interesting and using drawing pencils and pens and colouring pencils and pens, I have illustrated my favourite life forms of the Sargasso Sea.  Hours spent on each illustration that was then digitally transferred to bring to you this collection of clothing, swimwear, home decor and accessories. 

I hope you enjoy enough to shop!! 

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